Hubby’s Advance Birthday Celebration

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Lobsterfest at Red Lobster

It has been a while since my hubby and I dined at Red Lobster. Yesterday, we decided to have lunch there after my hubby’s doctor appointment. The decision made after we saw their Lobsterfest commercials on TV and thought we would give their specials a try.

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I ordered one of the Lobsterfest specials, Lobster in Paradise. The Lobster in Paradise includes a split Maine lobster tail fried in coconut batter, spicy grilled shrimp and a lobster-and-shrimp bake topped with toasted crushed macadamia nuts. I ate the spicy grilled shrimp, wild rice and broccoli and brought home the rest for my hubby.  I like seafood but the lobster tail fried in coconut batter and a lobster-and-shrimp bake topped with toasted crushed macadamia nuts are too sweet for me.  I wish I had ordered the Ultimate Feast pictured below.  My hubby had the Ultimate Feast and he said he really enjoyed it.  He shared with me some of his steamed North American snow crab legs and garlic shrimp scampi.

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He brought home some of the garlic shrimp scampi for me.  We traded what my hubby and I brought home.  His choice of salad was good with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

The dining experience was great.  The service was excellent and we will definitely be going back there again in the future.  On top of that, we got $10 off , thanks to an online coupon.

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Hot Prices on Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment

Kitchen Aid Blender KSB555Did you know that boring container vans can transform into something great – such as a lovely home or office? Innovative creations from container vans are solving one problem for the environment: how to recycle these sturdy, large containers.

Merchants have long learned that it is much cheaper to simply buy a new container van for every shipment they buy abroad than to ship back the empty containers to be refilled by the supplier. Thus, lots of container vans enter the country each year. Thankfully, some genius minds found a way to convert these into more useful stuff.

You can find containers for sale, already outfitted for various options or you can have one custom-made to suit your needs. These container vans are perfect as storage units in your yard, especially because its sturdy build can withstand most weather conditions. The thick material also makes it harder for thieves to simply cut to get to your belongings.

It is also possible to transform one container van into a fully functional kitchen! All you have to do is to buy appliances from to fully furnish your kitchen. In no time at all, you’ll have a great place where you can readily cook meals for your family or to entertain your guests.

Kitchen Aid Mixer KSM150Equipment for Restaurants

Hot Chef is the perfect place to shop for equipment for a commercial restaurant. A wide range of kitchen appliances and equipment are available to suit your needs – whether it is a pie warmer or a large pizza oven.

Heavy duty quality ensures that these could withstand the vigorous use needed for your restaurant. Of course, you could always equip your home with these fantastic equipment. That way, you never have to worry about your appliances failing you while you are in the middle of preparing for a big party.

Should you wish to buy a recreational vehicle, you can easily find lots of Caravans for Sale online. A wide range of options are yours to choose from, whether you need a small one for yourself or a much larger one to accommodate the whole family.

There are also luxury caravans for those who wish to enjoy style and comfort while on vacation in their motor homes.

Remember that New Zealand is a great place to explore throughout the year. A motor home would certainly make an excellent choice for you and your family to have fun during weekends and holidays.

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Cosmetic Surgery in New Jersey & Philadelphia Areas

Aging to everyone is a fear we are encountering everyday of our lives. Ugliness, sluggishness, and rejection are among the things we connote it with. But aging is actually not really bad because just as it is said with age, comes wisdom, however, we also cannot take away from it that as we get old, our body also does. Wrinkles, on the other hand, are the most obvious and most hated signs of aging. Wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, and all over are just very frustrating and are very difficult to hide. It shows every time telling everybody our numbers.





Moreover, what’s more frustrating is when we had indulged ourselves in getting fats as we aged everyday. Like a vehicular accident, fats disable us to wear pretty dresses that we loved. Fats are really incapacitating most of the times that it disallows us to feel confident in every way and every dress we put ourselves into.

On the other hand, baldness is equally dramatic psychologically. Having your hair falls off is definitely fearful and terrifying.

However, all these considered fearsome trio can now be placed to their ends. If aging does not give you any good physically, you can try the Botox in South Jersey. If the fats are unavoidable and you haven’t enough time to do workouts, then trying the liposuction in South Jersey as well is a help. Lastly, if you have problems with your hair due to some stress, disease condition or medication, particularly one that’s permanent, the Hair Transplant New Jersey is a very good solution. Certainly, there is nothing wrong in trying!

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Disappointing Valentine’s Day Disaster

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Boom Boom Shrimp

Typically, men make the plans for Valentine’s Day.  In our case, my hubby wanted me to do the planning this time around.  I would choose the place and the restaurant to dine at.  He even agreed to go on a pre-dining shopping spree with me. I would be paying for the tab but the catch was that, I would be using his money.  He let me make the plan because he wanted me to have a happy Valentine’s Day. Our original plan was to go to the Red Lobster in Fargo, North Dakota pending the weather conditions.  When the weather did not cooperate, we changed the plan and my hubby ended up making our Valentine’s Day reservations closer to home.

He made a reservation at the Ground Round Grill & Bar in Bemidji.  We had been there once before and had an overall good dining experience.  The Ground Round had always been a favorite of my hubby going back to his sales job when he was on the road a lot. The deal was sealed when we heard on the radio the day before that they were having a Prime Rib special on Valentine’s Day.

 photo 2014-02-14180252_zps5f1935d0.jpgWe arrived at the restaurant five minutes before our reservation time of 5:30 pm.  There were lots of people waiting to be seated so it was fortunate that we had made a reservation. We got seated right away as soon as we walked in.  A few minutes later, a waitress took our orders.  We ordered a platter of their Boom Boom Shrimp as an appetizer and two Margaritas.  For our main coarse, my hubby and I both ordered the king size Prime Rib medium rare.

 photo 2014-02-14180318_zps8bce209f.jpgSoon the waitress came back and told us that they were already out of Prime Rib!  When my hubby made the reservations, they said that the special would start at 5:00 pm and go until they ran out of Prime Rib.  That really ticked us off because we felt like it was the old “bait and switch” to get people into the restaurant and then switch them to a more profitable order. It was inexcusable for them to advertise their special and then have them run out 25 minutes after it had started. In retrospect, we probably should have got up and left at that point. After voicing our disappointment over the lack of Prime Rib, we both decided to order the 12 oz. Sirloin Steak, medium rare and two more margaritas to help soothe the disappointment.

 photo 2014-02-14175010_zpsdb8e69c9.jpgIt was at that point we began to notice that the margaritas were missing one key ingredient, the tequila! I usually get a hot flash after only a sip or two of a normal margarita and I have never drank a whole one before in my life. My hubby ended up drinking the other three margaritas over a period of about one hour which should have left him too impaired to drive but he also, felt absolutely no effect whatsoever.

When our steaks arrived, the first thing that my hubby noticed was that his steak was nowhere near the advertised 12 ounces. It was about a half inch thick, 8 ounces max and overcooked. My steak, on the other hand, came as advertised. You can easily tell the difference by comparing the sizes of the two steaks to the toast on the plates which were about the same size as each other. Since I prefer my meat a little more well done and am less than half the size of my hubby, I was OK with trading with him but that still did not excuse the fact that what should have been two identical orders turned out so differently. On top of the obvious problem with his steak, they had not delivered his salad until after the main entree had arrived. What started out as a disappointment was quickly turning into a fiasco.

 photo 2014-02-14180339_zpsa10176a3.jpg

House Special Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

When the manager came and attempted to explain the lack of prime rib as a simple lack of prior planning, we weren’t buying it, especially after we figured out how watered down the margaritas were. He offered to give us a discount on our meals and a free dessert. By that time, we weren’t really in the mood for the dessert but figured we might as well take what we could get. Frankly, the $6 discount on a $58 bill was an insult after the fiasco that we had experienced to ruin our Valentine’s Day dinner. To add further insult, my hubby was still in the process of finishing off the coleslaw which I was unable to eat when the waitress came and tried to snatch it away from him without even asking if he was done in an apparent effort to try to get rid of us. All in all, the Ground Round of Bemidji left a very bad taste in our mouths and completely ruined our Valentine’s Day night. The experience was emotionally draining and my hubby ended up with a very bad upset stomach, whether from the food or the drama, we were not sure.

UPDATE – February 17, 2014

After completing this blog and forwarding a link to both the corporate headquarters of Ground Round and another review website, we received prompt apologies from both corporate headquarters and the manager of the Bemidji Ground Round. In addition to the apologies, we received a gift certificate for two free meals at the Ground Round in Bemidji. We thank you for the apologies and are looking forward to a much improved dining experience when we return.

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What is the World’s Worst Food For You?

British food has suffered from many discouraging trends and is often dubbed as the world’s worst food – but is it really the worst in the world?

Actually, there are many reasons why someone could say British food is the worst because it had long been reputed to be so. In fact, there are plenty of jokes made about British food that they have entered mainstream thinking, making people believe that the country’s cuisine is bland and lacks diversity.

Even Jacques Chirac was quoted as saying that “One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad”, speaking about the British in an international meeting in 2005. He didn’t stop there but continued to joke about British food to other world leaders, notably including Vladimir Putin.

The problem with making such a generalization is that most of the people who say so have not really tasted the rest of the world’s cuisine but were already influenced by the pre-conceived notion that the food is bad in this country.

No Diversity in British Cuisine?

People say that because the food comes from just one small island, there is no diversity in British cuisine so that the people just boil their food or throw all ingredients in a pot and let it cook.

The truth is that the country’s cuisine is quite diverse and offers a wide range of delicious food choices to delight the palate. Yes, there may have been a period in the country’s history when the food is bland, especially during the era when it was ravaged by wars and famine but its cuisine has long improved from then.

In fact, the food is so diverse that one can find a variety of cooking methods and tricks even for just one piece of food or cuisine. For instance, you can find as many as 700 different kinds of cheeses in Britain! Now, that is just cheese. Imagine the variations in other types of foods!

It is just Bland, Over Cooked Food?

Compared with Italian, French and Asian cuisines where spices are used plenty, one could say that British food has lesser spices and delicious aromas but does that mean that the food is bland? Not really.

Many chefs of today have found a way to revive the flavor and aroma of British cuisine, allowing diners to enjoy a more delicious, mouthwatering array of tasty foods.

Remember that India, the source of spices in Asia, had once been a colony of Britain. Surely, the country must have learned a lot from its colony and had brought back spices to incorporate in their food. Yes, British cuisine uses spices, too.

The “over cooked” part may have come from the Victorian era when people were afraid of raw meat so that they cooked food excessively; however, that era has long gone and people are even enjoying their steaks raw or medium-rare these days!

So, Is British food the world’s worst? It is quite unfair to say that British food is the worst in the world by just basing on historical accounts and famous jokes. British cuisine has long improved from its bland taste in the past and now offers a delicious array to ignite diners’ palate.

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Balut, Filipino Delicacy

Balut is a great delicacy in the Philippines. You can usually find balut vendors at dusk on the streets chanting out their well-known cry, “Baaaaalluuuuuuuuutttt!”. Balut is a fertilized duck or chicken egg that has been boiled in hot water. The cooking process is identical to that of hard-boiled eggs. The taste is kind of like a regular hard-boiled egg but more slimy and juicy. It is best served with a spicy vinegar and salt.

I grew up in the Philippines but I seldom got a chance to eat balut because it is kind of expensive. Five years ago, it was 10 peso each. It is best to eat balut in the dark so you can’t see what you are eating. If you don’t look at it, it really is tasty. I will have my hubby try it the next time we go to the Philippines with a bottle of cold beer (my hubby says more like six bottles of beer). I know most foreigners would be very so squeamish about trying it but I will challenge my husband :-) . I hope it won’t scare him. I know it is something that he would not want to eat simply because balut doesn’t look edible. The concept of the food, not to mention the food itself, it definitely looks disgusting.

Balut is not really a Filipino’s favorite snack. Though almost all people in the Philippines know what a balut is, not all eat it. It is popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac.

The craft of making balut is complicated. Although balut is produced throughout the Philippines, there are few balut makers who are renowned for their careful selection and incubation of the eggs.

Here in the US, every time I grocery shopping at the Asian store, I usually look for uncooked balut eggs. I found out that some of the Asian stores occasionally carry them.

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