Snacks for Poker Night

I have been to a nearby casino once but never played the games. My hubby took me there because I wanted to see what the slot machines looked like. Neither my hubby nor I played the slots but we looked around for a while and then went to eat at a restaurant in the casino. My hubby said that restaurants in casinos normally have really good food so we decided to give one of their restaurants a try. We both had prime rib but according to my hubby it was the toughest prime rib he had ever eaten and it reminded him of shoe leather. It was not a big deal for me because I have sharp teeth and was enjoying the atmosphere. The place was packed and I liked it for a change because we seldom go to crowded places. We live in a relatively remote country area and so it felt like I was in the city.

Due to the advent of the internet, most of the things that we need are now at our finger tips. Casino entertainment is no exception. Playing the online casinos is becoming a popular pass time these days. You can play the casinos from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to brave the weather and traffic to get there. Playing at an online casino saves you time and money commuting and despite the tough economic times, many people are still playing casino games for entertainment and with the hopes of winning big money. A lot of people are looking for hot slots online for a chance to take home some cash.

Online Poker Portal

 photo poker_zps416aec7a.jpg

If you are looking for the best and safest place to play poker online, Titan Poker is just a click away. It is the best online poker portal that offers players like you valuable information regarding the most current information for your online casino adventure. You will find up to date casino reviews, player feedback and ratings, latest online casino bonuses, including best deposit bonuses, no deposit casino offers, free spin promotions, no deposit casino bonus codes and more. At Titan Poker you don’t have to wade through all of the casino promotional materials because all the necessary information is at your fingertips. That way you save yourself valuable time that could be spent playing your favorite online casino games. Their progressive jackpot online poker machines are amongst the most generous on the web.

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Favorite Home Cooked Goodies

There are some foods in the Philippines that I can’t cook here in the US. One of the foods that I miss from my native country is roasted pig. That was one of many goodies that were served on my going away party and my mother’s birthday last year.

This was one of the pigs that was raised by my parents in the village. Aside from pigs, other livestock that my parents are currently raising are chickens, goats, a cow and a carabao. My nephew’s birthday is coming up next month. I am expecting that they are going to roast another one of the pigs they are currently raising. One thing that I like about raising livestock is that you always have something fresh to butcher on occasions like birthdays, fiestas and Christmas.

I keep this kind of picture around to torture myself. My hubby is looking forward to having crunchy roasted pig during our upcoming trip this winter.

 photo roastedpig_zpsad7cc4e2.jpg                                               

Here are a few more of my favorite home cooked goodies.



raw fish salad


charcoal grilled tuna

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Arch City Tavern

Finding the right spot for a wonderful meal may not always be an easy thing to do when you’re  thinking about trying out a new place – but that’s where the internet becomes quite handy. In a matter of seconds, you can find the Best Restaurant Short North or in any other place you are visiting. You even get detailed instructions and a street map so you can find the right spot quickly.

Why dine at Arch City Tavern? There’s a long list of reasons but we can start with the food. After all, a restaurant can have the most beautiful setting in the world yet if it serves crappy food, it will never make the list of the best of the world’s restaurants.

At Arch City Tavern, diners get to ignite their taste buds with the savory, scrumptious meals served with flourish. Each delectable item on the menu tastes so good that you’ll probably be ordering more of the mouthwatering cuisines before the meal is over. Of course, you can always come back later for another savory feast.

Cocktails and signature drinks are perfect for capping off a superb meal or for celebrating a wonderful day, whatever the occasion.

Savoring tastefully crafted food in a casual atmosphere appeals to many diners. In such a welcoming atmosphere, diners can enjoy intimate gatherings with friends or have a happy party to celebrate a special event.  A place where mouthwatering foods and superb drinks can be enjoyed in a cozy setting truly makes every occasion extra special.

Aside from the delightful menu and splendid setting, diners are also provided with a glimpse of history even as they savor the wonderful dishes. The tavern takes pride in its artistic setting, with historic details to blend along with the neighborhood yet with ample uniqueness to stand out from the rest.

What’s there to be enjoyed at Arch City Tavern? A lot, I should say. You get to enjoy a variety of soups, salad, pizzas, tavern sandwiches and popular snack items such as corn dogs and spring rolls. There are also tasty items served in generous portions that you can easily share among your friends.

These crafted foods are best enjoyed with the tavern’s crafted beers and local spirits. Pick your favorite or try something new. Bottled specialties include Rockmill Saison (Organic Farmhouse Ale), Lindermans Framboise (Raspberry Lambic) and the Great Divide (Heavy Scotch Ale) but there are also various types of draft and bottled beer for you to enjoy.

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Corked – Party Game

There’s a fun new way to make parties more lively and more fun! Bring the Corked game bag for hours of fun for everyone.

It doesn’t mean that because you’re carrying a bottle of drinks, it means that the game is only fun when you are drunk. Drinking may not be part of the game but it actually encourages partygoers to do so – so this one is great for parties involving people over 21 years old. Drink with moderation but have lots of fun in the game.

How Does this Work?

Corked the game comes in a box with 100 game cards, each containing a set of compound words. To play the game, participants need to pick 2 people to perform, so you’d better choose your smartest, wittiest, coolest friend.

The pair would act out the words written on the card, with each one acting out a different word but both will be doing it simultaneously and silently. They have to try their best to portray the words the best way they can. They are, of course, not allowed to say the words aloud.

The rest of the game participants try to guess the compound word that the pair is trying to act out. As performers, try to be as creative as you can. You get points for each successful performance while the audience also get points for correctly guessing the compound word.

Examples of compound words used in the game are honey + comb for honeycomb, pin + hole for pin hole, and star + fish for starfish.

What makes Corked Games stand out from the rest of the party games is that it taps on your command of the English language while also having fun. That means that you are having fun while also learning and counting on what you have learned about the language, so far.

Don’t worry, you’ll soon get the hang of this crazily fun party game.

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Restaurant Supplies

When it comes to cooking, I call myself, a late-bloomer in this department. I used to hate cooking because for me, it was a lot of work:  from the preparation to the finishing touches. As they say, once you are married, you will learn how to do it. Well, I have got to give credit to these cooking shows and a lot of cooking sites that teach me how to cook or try different recipes. My favorite is Asian food. I would like to have nice kitchen materials too and found this Asian Restaurant Supply online and dreamt of buying few things from them. With the daughter around, just like other kids, she also loves pizza. I am so glad we have our own small oven so there are pizza days for us.

Alegacy 20 Quart Aluminum Stock Pot - Alegacy - EW20

I want to have one of those pizza cutters from Pizza Shop Supplies.  It makes me feel like a real Italian chef when I think about having one at home. Aside from cooking, my family also loves spending time in hotels. We just make sure we book early or wait for promos in order to save a few bucks. It is in this way that my daughter is always asking me to design our rooms like the hotels. Well, other things can be copied but I have checked PeachSuite Hotel Supplies for reference in case I’d be lucky to change our interiors. Surely, my family will be happy about it if I would be able to do it.

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Tasty Dishes @Perkins

This year my hubby and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. We have decided to celebrate our special day at a nearby Perkins Restaurant. I haven’t been to Perkins so I thought that was a very good idea to try something new. This was also after my hubby saw the Perkins Specials ad on TV.

 photo 2014-04-28181625_zpsadeb95ab.jpg

Shareable Sampler

We started our dinner with a Shareable Sampler. It is a combination of Chicken Strips, Onion Rings, MozzaSticks and a half Cheese Quesadilla. Served with salsa, sour cream, Honey Mustard and Marinara dipping sauces. I love the sampler, especially the onion rings and cheese quesadilla.

Shrimp Stir Fry

Both my hubby and I ordered Shrimp Stir Fry for our main coarse. I have a crave for anything stir fry. I don’t know what is going on with my body but stir fries taste so good for me lately.

We enjoyed our dinner at Perkins and will definitely go back there again soon :-) .

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Hubby’s Advance Birthday Celebration

 photo 57_zpsf2517529.jpg

 photo 58_zps8239460a.jpg

 photo 59_zps55b1f003.jpg

 photo 60_zpsae4a6d31.jpg

 photo 62_zps47c2efd3.jpg

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