What is the World’s Worst Food For You?

British food has suffered from many discouraging trends and is often dubbed as the world’s worst food – but is it really the worst in the world?

Actually, there are many reasons why someone could say British food is the worst because it had long been reputed to be so. In fact, there are plenty of jokes made about British food that they have entered mainstream thinking, making people believe that the country’s cuisine is bland and lacks diversity.

Even Jacques Chirac was quoted as saying that “One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad”, speaking about the British in an international meeting in 2005. He didn’t stop there but continued to joke about British food to other world leaders, notably including Vladimir Putin.

The problem with making such a generalization is that most of the people who say so have not really tasted the rest of the world’s cuisine but were already influenced by the pre-conceived notion that the food is bad in this country.

No Diversity in British Cuisine?

People say that because the food comes from just one small island, there is no diversity in British cuisine so that the people just boil their food or throw all ingredients in a pot and let it cook.

The truth is that the country’s cuisine is quite diverse and offers a wide range of delicious food choices to delight the palate. Yes, there may have been a period in the country’s history when the food is bland, especially during the era when it was ravaged by wars and famine but its cuisine has long improved from then.

In fact, the food is so diverse that one can find a variety of cooking methods and tricks even for just one piece of food or cuisine. For instance, you can find as many as 700 different kinds of cheeses in Britain! Now, that is just cheese. Imagine the variations in other types of foods!

It is just Bland, Over Cooked Food?

Compared with Italian, French and Asian cuisines where spices are used plenty, one could say that British food has lesser spices and delicious aromas but does that mean that the food is bland? Not really.

Many chefs of today have found a way to revive the flavor and aroma of British cuisine, allowing diners to enjoy a more delicious, mouthwatering array of tasty foods.

Remember that India, the source of spices in Asia, had once been a colony of Britain. Surely, the country must have learned a lot from its colony and had brought back spices to incorporate in their food. Yes, British cuisine uses spices, too.

The “over cooked” part may have come from the Victorian era when people were afraid of raw meat so that they cooked food excessively; however, that era has long gone and people are even enjoying their steaks raw or medium-rare these days!

So, Is British food the world’s worst? It is quite unfair to say that British food is the worst in the world by just basing on historical accounts and famous jokes. British cuisine has long improved from its bland taste in the past and now offers a delicious array to ignite diners’ palate.

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Craving for Dried Fish

I have been craving for dried fish lately but I don’t want to buy it from the store. I want to make my own version of dried fish. I learned a lesson before when I bought some and ended up throwing it away because it was hard as a rock. I have been thinking about drying fish before but I was leery that I might spoil and waste the fish if I can’t make it right. I need a proper recipe for drying fish.

If I had watched my mother drying fish before for our consumption I wouldn’t have had a problem doing it now. For some reason, cooking was not interesting to me until now. It maybe due to the fact that I am now living abroad and good Filipino food is hard to come by. I can get Filipino food at the Asian store but it is pricey and who knows how long the stores had it on the shelf. Besides, if I keep buying it, how can I save money? I would rather make my own dried fish from that I catch in the nearby lake. At least that way I know that it is fresh.

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